A Day in the Life of a New Horizons Franchise Owner

Alan Deery, owner of the New Horizons franchise in Dublin, Ireland, has given us a peek behind the curtain into his daily life, which includes checking in with his sales team, meeting with clients, and enjoying a work-life balance that gives him more time to spend with his loved ones. Read on to learn firsthand what a day in the life of this New Horizons franchise owner looks like.


“I usually go into the office for 8:30 a.m.; some days I work from home around the same time,” Alan says. “First thing is to do a walk through the building, talk to staff and to check everything is as it should be for the day, followed by checking up on sales and helping the sales guys with any opportunities they may have.”

As a franchise owner, Alan doesn’t teach courses himself, but he does have the knowledge of IT training to make sure that his business is operating the way it needs to be. In addition to New Horizons’ comprehensive training program, Alan gained his IT training knowledge through experience. “I have worked in IT and training since I was in college, and in New Horizons itself for more than 11 years before I looked into franchising,” Alan says.


“I save my afternoons for online and in-person meetings with clients and vendors,” Alan says. “It gives me structure for my day and lets me deal with client calls over multiple time zones across the European Union and United States.”

Afternoon meetings also give Alan the chance to check in with previous New Horizons clients and reap the emotional rewards from their success. “The most rewarding aspect of owning a New Horizons is having the opportunity to make a real difference to people and their lives,” Alan says. “I regularly get to meet former students who attended their first IT course with us years before, who are now into fully-fledged IT careers.”

Once a month, Alan uses his afternoon to run a team meeting, which ensures that his entire team stays up-to-date on any local or network-wide changes.

End of the Day:

One of the many benefits of owning your own business is the ability to set the tone for work-life balance in your New Horizons center. And that is why Alan leads by example. “I always ensure that I am gone from my desk before 6 p.m. each day; this is the same expectation for all our team,” Alan says.

Out of the Office:

“Franchising with New Horizons has given me more control on the day-to-day schedule allowing me to spend more time with my family,” Alan says. “When I’m not in the office, I spend my time with my children going for walks in the local park, swimming and cycling.”

Thanks to the New Horizons franchise opportunity, Alan is able to spend more time with his family, utilize his sales skills and reap the emotional rewards of changing lives through IT education. And you could do the same. Reach out for more information about this IT training franchise opportunity.