5 Things You Need to Know About the State of IT Training

When you are exploring IT training franchise opportunities, you use a lot of information to make your decision. In addition to considering the financial investment and franchisor expectations, it is important to understand what is happening in the IT training industry as a whole. New Horizons can help you gain some industry insight. Each year, we conduct, compile and publish research on the state of IT training. It allows us to keep our finger on the pulse while also serving as a resource for you to dig a bit deeper into the industry. For 2019, we surveyed 1,514 individuals, comprised of IT professionals and organizational decision makers. These five key takeaways can give you some insight on the challenges and priorities facing the IT training industry – and how New Horizons is positioned to be a solution for individuals and companies alike.

Training Time is Tight

Nearly 60% of the IT professionals surveyed say that carving out time for employee training is a top IT training challenge. New Horizons has options for busy professionals and organizations. For example, eLearning is a great option for those who don’t want to limit their learning to business hours. Onsite instruction ensures that all employees are trained to the same level, at the same time. New Horizons flexibility uniquely positions our organization to solve one of the biggest challenges IT professionals are facing in 2019.

Employers Value Vendor Certifications

Although IT professionals might find it difficult to carve out time for IT training, 88% of surveyed decision makers agree that relevant vendor certifications are important or somewhat important in vetting candidates for their IT team. Gaining more IT knowledge and certifications through New Horizons training is a way for individuals to prepare themselves to enter the job market. New Horizons provides the skills that hiring teams seek.

Instructor-Led Courses Are Preferred

When respondents were asked to choose the most successful IT learning methods, 49.6% chose instructor-led online courses and 43.9% chose instructor-led classroom courses. New Horizons provides both. We understand that different students learn best with different strategies. That’s why each New Horizons center has classrooms where instructors can come in and teach courses face-to-face. New Horizons also provides online courses, led by our experts.

Both in-person and online courses are built into the New Horizons franchise model, allowing all of our franchisees to provide the options that will be most successful for the students in their communities.

Microsoft Office is a Training Priority

At the time of the survey, 33% of respondents planned to prioritize Microsoft Office training in 2019. Not only does New Horizons provide Microsoft Office training, but we are also the largest official Microsoft training partner. Additionally, all of our Microsoft trainers are certified. This means that every New Horizons center across the globe is the local Microsoft expert and a resource for the 33% of IT professionals and organizational decision-makers prioritizing Microsoft Office training this year.

Websites Are a Deciding Factor

New Horizons has the flexibility and training that can help businesses and organizations meet their 2019 challenges. But we also have the resources for franchisees to get the word out in their communities. Of the decision-makers surveyed, nearly 45% used training provider websites and resources to select their IT training provider.

In 2019, New Horizons, and our franchisees, have the resources to support businesses and organizations as they face this year’s challenges. If you are interested in more information about the state of the IT industry, download the free report.