The world is getting smaller, and technology is the reason for much of our increased connectivity.

If you’re considering investing in the IT franchise industry,there are many things to consider, one of the most important of which is sustainability. As with any other business investment, you want to be sure the industry is showing signs of continued growth before you commit to ownership.

Last year, IT World discussed why “computer science students are in demand and they know it.” A lot of great points can be drawn from that article, and as a prospective IT franchise industry owner, you can see how growth in the IT franchise industry, both from the educational perspective and from the business-to-business standpoint, is consistently making positive strides.


1. The World Is a Resource.

There has always been money in technology, but as the world becomes smaller, it also becomes a more competitive marketplace. In some industries, companies are looking for ways to bring their technological resources back to the United States, while others are seeking ways to send their IT needs offshore. In either case, this spells success for the IT franchise industry because students around the world are eager and ready to take on these challenges.

2. The Economy Is Stable.

If you were considering investing in the IT franchise industry a decade ago, it might have paid great dividends, but you would have needed to take a lot of risks in hopes of gaining great rewards. As we all know, that doesn’t always pan out. Today’s economy is much more stable, even on a global scale, which makes this a great time to give franchise ownership your all. Companies around the world are coming into their own, and as they do, they’ll need experienced tech professionals to help them get the job done. This means that smart job seekers will also be on the hunt for organizations that can facilitate their own growth through education.

3. Time Is Money.

People are branching out and becoming business owners. This is positive for the economy and for people who choose to invest in the IT franchise industry. People who are seeking to better their business are often restrained by budgetary confinements that don’t allow them to hire professionals who have a lot of industry experience. By using smaller educational operations, business owners and key employees can gain the knowledge necessary to keep their companies running smoothly without paying a fortune for additional staff. In any business, it pays to have someone in-house who understands the day-to-day operational needs of the company and who can repair and enhance the technological infrastructure.

4. Computers Are Everywhere.

From fast food and retail to sophisticated corporate environments, computers are here to stay. As the technological infrastructure of businesses becomes more advanced, companies will need to employ people who can update, upgrade, maintain, and install their hardware and software.

If you’re questioning the value of an investment in the IT franchise industry, just look around. There are plenty of examples of people and places that will need to enhance their knowledge base now or in the near future.

5. Technology Is Transformative.

Deloitte’s explanation of the transformative nature of technology describes the necessity of partnerships between companies as they look for ways to accelerate beyond their competition.

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about the IT franchise industry or are well on your way to making a decision, our team at New Horizons is happy to answer any questions you may have. Request more information about our award-winning franchise today!

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