New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company. This is a profitable franchise that empowers its customers to succeed through learning. This is business the New Horizons way.

With three new UK franchisees in the last three months alone, here are three reasons why you too should contact us today to find out how you can become part of our New Horizons family:


1) The power of our brand

With over 300 training centres in over 70 countries, the New Horizons brand resonates in the IT training industry. We are a household brand, recognised as product and service pioneers across the globe.

As a testament to our position as industry leaders, our global partners include Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare and CompTIA. We are Microsoft’s largest training provider, delivering more than 33% of all authorised Microsoft training worldwide.


2) Proven business model

Our business model has been tested and proven hundreds of times and, over the years, our concept has mushroomed into a highly successful business model. Your success is tied to the larger company’s success and, with a global brand like ours, this can only be a good thing! Our global brand will give your business instant recognition as part of the established market leader in training.

“Our operation was up and running in three months and operating profitably after nine months. Without New Horizons, it would take anyone starting up several years to establish themselves as a recognised learning provider.” Liam McMahon, Ireland franchisee


3) A culture of support

Our vast network is supported in real time by a team of experts in all essential business disciplines. In addition, our network of award-winning franchisees work together, not against each other, forming invaluable relationships and sharing knowledge. Many have built substantial multi-million dollar businesses across multiple markets, sometimes across multiple countries.


  • Share knowledge and experience from across the globe
  • Benefit from inter-network sales revenue from day one
  • Potential for multi-national collaboration on global projects


“We’ve had an extremely positive experience with New Horizons so far. We’re really comfortable; the model has great potential and we’re already expanding our coverage to other areas of the UK.” Jonathan Cox, UK franchisee, South Coast

Build a successful business whilst helping others achieve their potential. Join our network and share in our success, today.

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