Popularity of project management as a skill and a profession continues to grow. Project management has been ranked one of the top 10 in-demand skills in 2017. To improve upon its services in project management certification, CompTIA, the world’s leading tech association, released the much-awaited update of Project+ – one of the seven best-selling CompTIA project management certification.

The earlier Project+ certification (PK0-003) received many accolades over the years. It does a fine job at helping people become entry-level professional project managers. In the middle of 2016, however, CompTIA announced that they would be updating Project+. After working with Subject Matter Experts, refining the certification, and Beta-testing it, CompTIA has released the updated version of Project+ – PK0-004.

Why Project+

CompTIA Project+ certifies the knowledge and skills of professionals in project management. It validates the ability to initiate, manage and support a project or business initiative. And it’s not just for IT technicians – Project+ is designed for any individual who wants to validate project management experience.

One of the truly unique things about Project+ is that it focuses on practical project management knowledge. It isn’t overly theoretical. Project managers from around the world reported to CompTIA that it is vital to create a robust certification that allows more people to start their project management journey. Project+ is challenging, but it’s not designed for the person who has 15 years of project management experience. It’s designed to be the first step in one’s professional career.

What New Project+ Has For You

Perfect for small and medium-sized projects and project teams, the new Project+ can also relate to various job titles such as that of a manager, project coordinator, project scheduler, network admin, product manager, business development manager or accountant.

The new Project+ exam (PK0-004) has four domains:

  1. Project Basics
  2. Project Constraints
  3. Communication and Change
  4. Project Tools and Documentation

These domains deal with project cost control, ability to execute and develop a project, management of physical and human resources, difficulties faced in a project, risk strategies, communication, change management, and the use of common project management tools.

Project+ is flexible. Any person in or out of the IT profession can get CompTIA Project+ certified. It is perfect for beginners that are looking to secure the place of project managers in companies. Also, businesses can update their staff skills by getting them Project+ certified. With this certification, anybody can verify his/her project management knowledge, skills and experience.

There were more than 13.7 million jobs for project managers posted in the United States alone. With over 97% of organizations believing that project management is critical to business performance and success, the new improved Project+ will be as useful to professionals, students, businesses, educators, and just about anybody who wants to get project management certification.